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Written by Sarah R. Marmor
Many commentators have seen the NLRB’s various public pronouncements severely limiting employers’ ability to fire employees for often demeaning and intemperate social media criticisms of managers and their employers.
Nov 05
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf and George D. Sax
A new decision by the Illinois Supreme Court, Price et al. v. Philip Morris, Inc., 2015 IL 117687, decided November 4, 2015, shows there is not yet an end to the largest class action lawsuit in Illinois history.
Nov 05
Written by Sarah R. Marmor
As today’s New York Times reflects, some of the US’s most innovative companies are expanding parental leave policies in moves that are light years ahead of the law.
Sep 02
Written by Christian Liipfert
Banks asked to explain how they failed to detect the large payments of bribes in the FIFA soccer/football scandal.
Jul 29
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf
Law360 just published its "Trial Aces" list, which consists of 50 lawyers nationwide, 8 of whom are women.
Jul 28
Written by Christian Liipfert
The new entrant to the Wall Street market for secure instant messaging may be too secure.
Jul 27
Written by Christian Liipfert
It’s like a fat doctor telling you to go on a diet.
Jul 13
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Partner Ted Banks and Kathryn Hartick, vice president and general counsel at Robertson Lowstuter blog about tip for your first in-house job on ACC website.
May 19
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Partner Ted Banks was featured in an interview with Eric Morehead of NYSE Governance Services on “The Road Ahead for Corporate Compliance.
Apr 20
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Antitrust and Competition Law: Where Is It Going in 2015?
Apr 10