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Firm lawyers write amicus brief asking court to vacate largest judgment ever entered in Illinois

Written by Stephanie A. Scharf and George D. Sax


Firm attorneys Stephanie Scharf, Sarah Marmor and George Sax recently wrote the amicus brief filed by the Product Liability Advisory Council (PLAC) in Price v. Philip Morris Inc., asking the Illinois Supreme Court to vacate a more than $10 billion dollar consumer fraud judgment—the largest civil judgment ever entered in the State of Illinois.

See a copy of the PLAC brief, which focuses especially on the negative consequences for consumers, manufacturers and courts if the Price judgment is enforced.  

The Madison-St. Clair Record reported about the brief.

Stephanie A. Scharf concentrates her practice on a wide array of complex litigation and life sciences. She has represented clients in federal and state courts in Illinois, New Jersey, California, Washington, Iowa, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oregon and New York.

George D. Sax concentrates his practice in commercial and complex litigation.