Partner Ted Banks was extensively quoted In Bloomberg Law regarding the Google antitrust trial

In the Bloomberg Law article Googlers Followed Common Practice in Avoiding Antitrust Triggers by reporter Dan Papscun. He writes in part

“The DOJ in its blockbuster monopoly trial against Google, currently in its third week, alleges the company illegally maintained its hold over the market for search engines. As part of that argument, the agency introduced an old company memo urging employees to avoid certain words and phrases for fear they could serve as indicators of monopoly power.”

Leveraging his experience as former chief counsel for global compliance and associate general counsel while at Kraft Heinz Ted discussed why employees would be asked to be careful in how they refer to the company’s transactions. Per Ted, helping employees understand why they need to be precise in their language is important in terms of a company’s antitrust compliance efforts:

“Your sloppiness can create a problem where none exists,” said Banks, now a partner at Scharf Banks Marmor. “You don’t want to give someone a red flag when it shouldn’t be.“

The Bloomberg Law Article can be found here.

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