Rebecca L. Ford

Rebecca L. Ford

"Clients are delighted with the combination of our large firm sensibility, small firm agility and our deep understanding of how their businesses work."


Rebecca L. Ford concentrates her practice on corporate transactions and contracts, corporate governance and corporate compliance programs.  She has extensive experience managing litigation and provides critical support on public/private transactions managing government and stakeholder relationships.

As a member of the Scharf Banks Marmor Corporate and Compliance Department, Rebecca has counseled clients on ethics and compliance matters, such as analysis of  anticorruption practices, and federal guidelines and best practices.

Rebecca has monitored compliance programs for the Federal Trade Commission and the Competition Bureau of Canada.  She has assisted clients with review of compliance programs dealing with government corruption to training program’s designed to enlist employees support of corpurate change and performed a comprehensive reviews of corporate compliance and ethics programs.

She has also worked on pay equity topics, and has led DEI efforts as Trustee of non-profit institutions that have prioritized DEI.

Rebecca’s experience with corporate transactions and contracts has enabled her to respond expeditiously to client needs by focusing on business and legal requirements, while avoiding excessive delays that can derail projects or make them costlier.  She has assisted on contracts covering a wide range of subjects and industries, including private label manufacturing, product distribution and commercial leases.

Prior to joining the firm, Rebecca was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Draper and Kramer, Inc., a major Chicago real estate and financial services company.  While at Draper and Kramer, Rebecca was responsible for its legal matters, board relations and corporate governance.  She was liaison to the City of Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation and other stakeholders for major, transformitive mixed-income development.

Rebecca served as the Executive Vice President for litigation and intellectual property at the MGM movie studio where she oversaw all domestic and international litigation, as well as intellectual property matters, involving MGM, United Artists and other MGM subsidiaries.  She also served as Associate General Counsel at City Colleges of Chicago, where she supervised legal services for a seven-college community college district, managed litigation, acquired and disposed of real estate, negotiated contracts, and counseled senior management on legal, regulatory compliance, and Institutional Review Board issues. Rebecca’s previous law firm experiences include bond-finance and real estate projects, as well as commercial, financial and appellate litigation.

Rebecca has served as Trustee to a number of civic and cultural institutions, including the Goodman Theatre, the Field Museum, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and the Art Institute of Chicago. She has published articles in The Milken Institute Review, The American Lawyer, The Chicago Reader, The New York Law Journal, The Chicago Tribune and the Illinois Institute for Continuing Education. Rebecca is a contributing columnist and movie critic for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, WCPT820 and

Rebecca received her B.A. from Harvard College, her J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, and her L.L.M. in Real Estate from the University of Illinois Chicago Law School.  She is a member of the bar of Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, California, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Supreme Court.


  • Co-bond counsel for government entities in multi-phased bond issues in Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Alabama and Missouri.
  • Foreclosure and acquisition of Arts Center on behalf of community college system.  Negotiated production agreements for public television station.
  • Development executive for corporate projects including the 500-unit mixed-income development.  Corporate liaison with stakeholders such as the City of Chicago, MacArthur Foundation, alderman, civic leaders and non-profit community. Led process to obtain $250,000 grant to engage social service specialists and cultural anthropologists from the Field Museum to conduct community building.
  • Second-chair on trial of involving misappropriation of business opportunity on bank matter.  Won appeal of misappropriation case based on challenge to improper jury instruction.  Second-chair in national preliminary injunction hearing determining ownership rights to the Anaconda Copper Mine.  Settled claims by specialist company against bank alleging improper margin call during market decline.  Litigated first amendment and defamation claims arising in the context of corporate environments.
  • Arbitrated construction contract dispute on behalf of developer in connection with redevelopment of landmark building.
  • Raised venture capital for motion picture feature film and new-media production company.
  • Acting Director of Emerging Domestic Markets at Santa Monica based economic think tank, created blueprint for access to capital in emerging domestic markets.
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretary responsibilities for major real estate and financial services corporation.
  • Litigated valuation dispute over assessment of corporate assets.

Professional Activities


  • Illinois Super Lawyers, 2022-2024


  • Chicago Bar Association
  • National Association of Women Lawyers
  • National Association of Bond Lawyers
  • National Association of College and University Attorneys


  • Goodman Theatre (Trustee, Executive Committee, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Art Institute of Chicago (Ex Officio Trustee; Co-Chair, Leadership Advisory Committee)
  • Union League Club of Chicago
  • Economic Club of Chicago
  • Chicago Community Trust African-American Legacy Initiative, Grant Committee
  • Renaissance Weekend Annual Public Policy Conference
  • The Links, Inc.
  • Renaissance Society (Board of Directors)
  • Field Museum of Natural History (Board of Directors)
  • Chicago Humanities Festival (Board of Directors)
  • Heartland Society (Board of Directors)
  • Harold Washington Literary Award Selection Committee

Publishing & Speaking

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Publications: Legal

  • “Condominium Construction Finance,” Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2009.
  • “Economic Prosperity, Women and Access to Credit: Best Practices in the Financial Markets,” Co-authored with Glenn Yago and Judith GordonMilken Institute, October 4, 2000.
  • “The Bend in the River,” Milken Institute Review, 1999.
  • Member of the Club,” The American Lawyer, 1995.
  • “Ancillary Business Practices,” ABA Committee on Ethics and Professionalism Newsletter, 1993.
  • Freelance entertainment writer and book reviewer, Chicago Tribune, 2002.
  • Theater Critic, Chicago Reader.
  • Book, Film, and Theater Critic, New York Law Journal.

Practice Areas

  • Business Law
  • Education Law
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Complex Litigation & Appeals
  • Real Estate


  • J.D., University of Chicago Law School
  • L.L.M., Real Estate, UIC Law School
  • B.A., Harvard College

Admissions and Qualifications

  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Supreme Court of the United States
  • U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

Prior Experience

  • Hardwick Law Firm - Counsel
  • Draper & Kramer - Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
  • MGM - Executive Vice President
  • White & Case - Attorney